April 14, 2024

What Food stuff Network Star Katie Lee Biegel Has in Her Fridge

Have you ever questioned what’s within the refrigerators of the chefs you are seeing on Tv? We have.

We requested Katie Lee Biegel, a cookbook writer and a host of Food stuff Network’s morning clearly show “The Kitchen,” to acquire us inside the fridge of her New York City house, where she resides with her spouse, Ryan, and their 3-12 months-outdated daughter.

The cookbook author’s fridge is a mix of farmers-market finds and grocery-shop staples — and she’s an particularly enormous enthusiast of condiments and leftovers.

Inside Katie Lee Biegel's fridge: Wine, sweet tea, condiments, and other items

A glance within Katie Lee Biegel’s fridge.
Katie Lee Biegel


Heinz Ketchup bottle on a blue checkered background

Katie Lee Biegel has a good deal of ketchup in her fridge.
Heinz, Tyler Le/BI

Biegel is a self-explained “ketchup addict,” as is her 3-year-outdated daughter.

She keeps a large squeeze bottle of Heinz natural and organic ketchup in the fridge doorway, which her loved ones goes via genuinely immediately.

Milo’s sweet tea

Biegel’s Southern roots nevertheless operate deep, and she has two huge bottles of sweet tea in the fridge to show it.

The tea is the star of a rooster recipe she’s “obsessed” with, one she made when she labored with Milo’s Tea on a campaign for Feeding America.

The West Virginia native reported she’s now been making the sweet tea-brined oven-fried hen on repeat.

“This chicken recipe is like the rooster recipe to conclusion all chicken recipes — not to toot my individual horn,” she advised Small business Insider.

Fortuitously, it really is very simple to make.

She marinates the chicken overnight in a straightforward brine of sweet tea, soy sauce, onions, and garlic.

“The tannins in the tea really tenderize the hen,” she advised BI. “I use soy sauce alternatively of salt in the brine since I failed to want to have to warmth the tea up to permit the salt dissolve.”

Biegel then dips the marinated chicken in a flour combination and fries it in the oven making use of a strategy she acquired from her grandma.

“You just put butter in a sheet pan, soften it in the oven, and put the rooster pores and skin aspect down,” she stated.

She keeps Milo’s in the fridge since her spouse requests this rooster generally and thinks it really is the greatest hen she’s ever designed.

Next time, she said, she’ll try out swapping the hen for ribs or pork chops.

Rao’s marinara sauce

Rao's Marinara Sauce in front of a blue checkered background

The cookbook author is a large fan of Rao’s sauces.
Rao’s, Tyler Le/BI

You may possibly assume a Food items Community star would be simmering her individual tomato sauce, but Biegel is also the mom of a toddler and is practical about wherever to invest her time.

“The jarred Rao’s comes in real helpful with my 3-12 months-previous. She likes it on lentil pasta,” explained Biegel. “I imagine it is really such a superior product or service. I use that all the time.”

A good deal of pickles

Biegel’s fridge is a desire for people who like pickled foods.

Her fridge has at least a few superior-sized jars of blended pickles from the Union Square Farmers Sector, plus olives and jarred antipasto from the Italian specialty brand name Agnoni.

Biegel serves pickles on sandwiches, along with ribs, or straight from the jar and is an primarily enormous admirer of the bread-and-butter wide variety.

She mentioned she’d also recently bought pickled onions to “sizing up” what others flavor like, although her spouse typically makes them from scratch.

The cookbook creator also has chow chow, a sweet and vinegary Southern pickled condiment produced with cabbage, tomatoes, and bell peppers.

“Chow chow is really preferred the place I’m from in West Virginia,” Biegel informed BI. “I try to eat it straight out of the jar.”

Pomegranate arils

Pomegranate arils in front of a blue checkered backgground

Katie Lee Biegel stated she’d typically somewhat seed pomegranates at dwelling.
BigNazik/Getty, Tyler Le/BI

Biegel may possibly have two containers of pomegranate seeds in the fridge, but she just isn’t all about shortcuts.

She experienced to send out her partner out at the final minute to get them so she could make pomegranate margaritas on a Tv set phase.

Usually, she purchases the entire fruit and seeds it at property.

“It’s considerably a lot more expense-powerful to do it you,” she reported. “The pomegranate seeds themselves value $8 for a minor container.”

Leftover birthday cake from Milk Bar

The top shelf of Biegel’s fridge holds a plastic-wrapped 50 % of a cake that can not be mistaken for nearly anything other than a Funfetti Milk Bar birthday cake.

The iconic confection from the New York-dependent bakery chain characteristics levels of vanilla cake, fluffy white frosting, and bare sides.

The Biegel house experienced a short while ago bought it to rejoice the 8th birthday of a family friend’s kid.

Leftover lasagna

Left over Lasagna in front of a blue checkered background

Leftover lasagna is a major lunch select for Katie Lee Biegel.
repinanatoly/Getty, Tyler Le/BI

Biegel welcomes leftovers and said she just had a piece of a lasagna she a short while ago produced for lunch.

“I suggest, is there just about anything superior than leftover lasagna?” Biegel stated. “Even cold straight out of the fridge?”

She said she treats the lasagna “like a pan of brownies that you are cutting very little bites off of” and keeps feeding on little parts of it.

Her recipe is “extremely major on the cheese” and is equivalent to the lasagna she grew up on. It options a meat sauce layered with ricotta, provolone, and mozzarella.

Kind of Wild wine

Bottles of Biegel’s possess Form of Wild Wines sit on the best shelf of her fridge. She launched the natural and organic wine label in April 2021.

She stated she’d recently had some of the rosé with close friends and applied the glowing edition of it to top off her pomegranate-cocktail recipe.

Bitchin’ Sauce

Bitchin' Sauce in front of a blue checkered background

Bitchin’ Sauce can be found at grocery shops about the US.
Bitchin’ Sauce, Tyler Le/BI

Biegel is “obsessed with Bitchin’ Sauce,” which she makes use of as a dip and a condiment.

Her fridge contains a tub of the Hatch chile taste, which is produced from a base of almonds and pumpkin seeds and flavored with roasted Hatch chiles, jalapeños, and dietary yeast.

White miso paste

Miso paste is one particular of Biegel’s fridge staples, but it really is not for noodle dishes or soups like you could assume.

It’s a key ingredient in the miso chocolate-chip cookies she’s regarded for and makes consistently.

Coconut aminos

Biegel’s crowded condiment cabinets also have a bottle of Coconut Solution coconut aminos, a salty, gluten-absolutely free alternative to soy sauce designed from the sap of a coconut tree.

Her partner places the aminos on Brussels sprouts and broccoli in advance of roasting them in the oven to give them a fantastic salty taste.