June 23, 2024

This spot serving fusion delicacies could just be Ossington’s finest new restaurant

Say hello there to Rhapsody, the latest addition to the Ossington neighbourhood in Toronto. This newly opened restaurant is set to supply Torontonians with a unique and just one-of-a-sort sensory encounter, residing up to its identify.

Helmed by Dan Eyimina, the mastermind guiding  beloved Mrs. Robinson, and supported by executive chef Elias Salazar of Waska Peruvian Hen fame and direct mixologist Joe Beiglee from Mrs. Robinson and Sunny Chinese, Rhapsody is a symphony of flavours, libations and music like no other.

“Rhapsody embodies what we have been hunting to build with audio, vibe, and, foodstuff and beverage, in this symphonic fusion,” says Eyimina.“I like to develop points in the hospitality space that are moody exactly where when you wander in.  You’re  going to come to feel some thing and ideally it is heading to be a little something good. With Rhapsody, I want you to come in and be transported and experience like you’re obtaining away and experiencing something.”

At Rhapsody, songs isn’t just background sounds it’s the heartbeat of the venue. Whilst Eyimina has a delicate location for the roots of hip hop, the eclectic tunes range curated by the team aims to resonate with every single visitor, ranging from sultry hip hop to modern day modern day to classical stylings to electrifying stadium rock.

And, even though the tunes established the mood, the culinary choices steal the highlight. The menu is a tantalizing blend of Peruvian and Japanese influences, boasting mouth-watering very hot and cold tapas and reliable dishes that showcase elements sourced domestically and straight from Peru.

Highlights from the menu contain the Pulpo Parrillero, a pleasant blend of charred octopus and crispy pork belly, the Empanada Criolla — one particular of Eyimina’s favourites — bursting with Peruvian spices, and the refreshing Ceviche Mixto that includes tiger shrimp and Moroccan octopus. For dessert, patrons can also order a tres leches cake and a Peruvian-inspired ice product sandwich.

“When you occur, if it‘s just you, you’re heading to want to have at least two factors. If you come with a team, you’re heading to want to have two to a few dishes so you can flavor just about every thing,” says Eyimina. “And which is element of the vibe, the social engagement of sharing meals, beverages, and partaking in songs in that cohesion.”

For cocktail lovers, Rhapsody provides rhythmic refreshments inspired by favorite music, such as Previously mentioned the Clouds, Uncomplicated Rider and for these seeking for a non-alcoholic option, the Basic Chica Morada is offered.

This consideration to detail and whimsical power is also mirrored in the venue’s style and design. As Eyimina says, Rhapsody seamlessly merges woodland enchantment with playful whimsy, featuring custom-made murals, beautiful chandeliers resembling whimsical trees, and the Water Room — a serene oasis finish with a sponsored bar by Tequila Tromba.

“We really like the Ossington strip, the culture, the strength, the folks, and we’re dedicated to being a section of this awesome neighborhood,” claims Eyimina. “I think that Rhapsody is timeless and I think we’re executing some thing that other individuals aren’t doing here  and that is actually pleasurable and fascinating. I’m hoping visitors come to us for the next 20 years.”

Rhapsody is located at 214 Ossington Ave., and is open up from 5 p.m. right until late, Tuesday through Saturday.