February 23, 2024

Onion Rings Are The Ideal Ingredient For A Vegetarian Parm Sandwich

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It truly is tough to dislike rooster parm sandwiches. Among the smooth bread, crispy rooster, warm tomato sauce, and gooey cheese, there is not a portion of these handheld convenience meals that we really don’t want to devour. But if you are vegetarian, or just hoping to lean much more towards a plant-centered diet, you will want to opt for some thing that brings equivalent elements to hen to the table, but without the need of the true poultry concerned.

Enter: onion rings. Confident, you could choose for eggplant or tofu, which are the meals that usually change the protein-rich ingredient in chicken parm. But there’s a potent scenario for applying your beloved diner appetizer as a substitute. Onion rings are complete of fried yumminess in their outer layer, but they also convey a slight sweetness to an normally totally savory sandwich. And concerning the crispy coating and the vegetable beneath, they are going to lend a crunch to your meal that can more than make up for the deficiency of crispy rooster. Onion rings blend in beautifully with all that cheese, sauce, and bread, and they even provide a singular vegetable to your if not hearty sandwich.

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How To Make A Vegetarian Parm Sandwich With Onion Rings

onion rings on a plate

onion rings on a plate – Izikmd/Getty Images

When manufacturing the onion rings to increase into your vegetarian parm sandwich, you have two possibilities in this article: Make them contemporary oneself or purchase a box of frozen onion rings. There’s no shame if you decide for the latter, as they’re effortless to heat (typically in an oven or convection oven) and commonly flavor just as good. But whichever sort you opt for, you will want to fully cook dinner the onion rings right before inserting them into your dish.

Hoagie rolls are normally the bread of option for parm sandwiches, but you can really work with any bread that is gentle in the center but strong ample to stand up to all the gooey substances. If you want to acquire yours to the next amount, toss some butter, garlic powder, and salt on each and every fifty percent before warming it in the oven for a few minutes. Just like with the onion rings, you can use jarred or retail outlet-purchased marinara sauce, relying on how a lot time and work you want to put into your meal. When it comes to assembling the sandwich, you’ll want to stack a number of levels of onion rings so that you get as significantly crunch as humanly achievable. Then add your sauce on top rated, adopted by copious amounts of mozzarella or provolone, and allow the total point sit beneath the broiler till the cheese gets wonderful and gooey.

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