May 19, 2024

Chefs de cuisine to convene at Kish expo

TEHRAN – As the countdown to the Kish International Tourism Exhibition has started, some Iranian chefs are invited to participate to enrich the event.

A provincial official in charge of tourism marketing, on Saturday, stated that the assembly of cooks is planned to take place simultaneously with the Kish International Tourism Exhibition, covering May 19 to 22.

 Naser Qasemi-Nia highlighted that the gathering is dedicated to promote island’s attractions and honor their determining role in tourism development.

Elaborating on the participants, the official pinpointed that more than 30 chefs de cuisine, from Kish Island only, are invited to attend this assembly.

Qasemi-Nia further explained that the gathering features honoring veterans, sharing experiences, and panel discussions.

 Recreational tours showcasing the unique attractions of Kish are also planned, he added.

“This gathering is held in memory of the renowned Iranian writer and translator, Najaf Daryabandari,” the official concluded, “The author of ‘Mostatab-e Ashpazi’ (a journey through Persian cooking).”

Earlier this year, on April 23, Kish Free Zone’s deputy of tourism announced that Kish Island, renowned for its vibrant tourism ecosystem, is set to host a tourism exhibition, aiming to showcase Iran’s comprehensive tourism to the world.

“With the slogan of ‘introducing Iran’s capacities to the world’,” Adiban noted. “Kish International Tourism Exhibition is planned to witness participation from active members in the tourism industry.”

The event will focus on the significant role of promotional activities and media in drawing attention to the tourism capacities, the official added.

Adiban pointed out the exhibition’s varied agenda, including a hotel management symposium, a gathering of tourism bloggers and a meeting of Iranian chefs, which are among the event’s key highlights.

Furthermore, Abbas Zeinalnia, the organizer of the exhibition, detailed the primary goals of the event, which include fostering synergies, enhancing knowledge and awareness about the latest trends in tourism and presenting new tools and services.

“This exhibition is a platform for introducing and supporting creative tourism products,” Zeinalinial noted. “As well as for raising the level of industry standards through educational workshops and specialized meetings.”

The official who presides over the event announced that the Kish International Tourism Exhibition will welcome attendees from May 19 to 22.

Zeinalinia in his concluding remarks pinpointed that the preparations for the Kish International Tourism Exhibition began in February, with the Kish Free Zone Organization and the private sector jointly contributing to what is anticipated to be a special event in Iran’s tourism calendar.