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The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom features many improvements and returning features from its predecessor, Breath of the Wild. One of the returning elements from the previous title is the ability to cook food. Cooking food increases its nutritional value and, consequently, the amount of HP restored to Link. With so many collectible food items, it can be hard to keep track of which recipe to follow when cooking.

As such, this guide will attempt to list all possible food recipes and how to cook them.

Note: This guide for Tears of the Kingdom is a work in progress and will be updated as soon as additional information is available.

How to cook food in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom


Cooking food is a simple affair in Tears of the Kingdom. Players can choose to roast their food by holding or dropping it close to a fire. This method will be commonly used until players gain access to a cooking pot a bit further on in the first level of the campaign.

The cooking pot allows players to group together a list of ingredients, accessible by opening up the inventory menu and selecting a maximum of five items under the “Select for Recipe” option. The cooking process is automated and finishes after a short animation. It is available directly in your inventory for immediate consumption.

All recipes in The Legend of Zelda Tears of the Kingdom

Recipes are essential in Tears of the Kingdom (Image via Nintendo)
Recipes are essential in Tears of the Kingdom (Image via Nintendo)

Cooking food serves two major purposes. The first is an increase in the amount of HP restored, as cooked food offers more nutritional value than uncooked food. The second and equally important advantage of cooking food is unlocking various recipes.

A huge number of recipes exist in Tears of The Kingdom, with each being distinguishable from others by virtue of its cooking ingredients. Recipes also confer substantial physiological benefits to Link, such as enhanced endurance over cold climates.

The recipes unlockable thus far in The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom include:

  • Toasty Rushroom: Restores three-fourths of a heart and can be cooked after roasting Rushrooms in a fire.
  • Spicy Sauted Peppers: Restores 5 hearts for Link, granting 12 and a half minutes of cold resistance. Cook five Spicy Peppers to create this recipe.
  • Spicy Pepper Steak: Restores 7 hearts for Link when consumed and grants 8 and a half minutes of cold resistance. 3 Spicy Peppers and 2 Steaks are required for this recipe. The cold resistance can be further enhanced using 4 Peppers and one Steak.
  • Scorching Fruit and Mushroom Mix: Restores 2 and a half hearts and grants 4 minutes of heat resistance. Also adds a minor attack boost to Link. The recipe requires at least one Skyshroom and several Fire Fruits to create.
  • Toasty Skyshroom: Restores one-half of a heart. Roast a Skyshroom by a fire to create this recipe.
  • Energizing Elixir: Restores around 45% of your stamina when consumed. Requires two crickets and one Chuchu jelly to create.
  • Steamed Meat: Restores 5 hearts. Requires 3 Hyrule Herb and 2 Fowl(??) to create.
  • Dubious Food: Despite its strange appearance, it restores one heart to Link when consumed. One Acorn and a Stambulb coupled with 3 White Chuchu jellies are required to create the dish.
  • Energizing Mushroom Skewer: Restores over three-fourths of your Stamina. Ingredients include 2 Stambulbs, 2 Skyskrooms, and one Stamela Shroom. Restores 4 hearts when consumed.
  • Honeyed Apple: Restores 7 hearts. At least one Honeycomb with fruits is required to cook this item.
  • Fish and Mushroom Skewer: Restores 7 hearts when consumed. Ingredients include mushrooms and Bright-Eyed Crabs.
  • Tough Steamed Mushrooms: Restores one heart upon consumption. Additionally, boosts Link’s defense for eight and a half minutes.
  • Fried Wild Greens: Restores 5 and a half hearts. Requires Hyrule Herbs and Chickaloo Tree Nuts.
  • Sunny Fried Wild Greens: Restores one and a half hearts when consumed, in addition to restoring up to 9 hearts damaged by the Gloom status debuff. Ingredients include Sundelions and Chikaloo Tree Nuts.
  • Scorching Meat and Seafood Fry: Restore 5 and a half hearts upon consumption. Ingredients include Fish, Korok Frond, Bird Meat, and Fire Fruit.
  • Spicy Fruit and Mushroom Mix: Restores 5 hearts and grants six and a half minutes of cold resistance. Combine Hylian Shrooms with Spicy Pepper for this dish.
  • Rapid Simmered Food: Restores 2 and a half hearts. Requires 5 Splash Fruit to create and grants a 10-minute swim speed boost.
  • Seared Steak: Restores one and a half hearts when consumed. Roast Raw Meat near a fire to create this dish.
  • Simmered Fruit: Restores one quarter of a heart. Cook any quantity of fruits in a pot to obtain this recipe.
  • Hearty Steamed Tomatoes: Restores all Hearts. Cook together Raw Bird Drumsticks and Hylian Tomatoes to obtain this dish. You can also add in a Hearty Radish to the mix to obtain 4 temporary Hearts.
  • Sunny Meat Skewer: Restores 7 Hearts and up to 6 Hearts damaged by Gloom. Cook together Raw Bird Drumsticks with Sundelions to obtain this dish.
  • Tough Mushroom Skewer: Restores 3 and a half hearts, in addition to boosting your defense for 3 minutes and 10 seconds. Cook together Skyshrooms with Ironshrooms to obtain this recipe.
  • Bright Tomato Mushroom Stew: Restores 7 Hearts and adds the Glow status effect on Link for 7 minutes and 10 seconds. Place Hylian Tomatoes with Brightcaps in a pot to obtain this recipe.
  • Simmered Tomato: Restores 10 Hearts. Place Hylian Tomatoes in a pot to obtain this recipe.
  • Sunny Steamed Meat: Restores 4 Hearts and 9 additional Hearts destroyed by Gloom. Cook together Hylian Tomatoes, Bright Eyed Crab and Hylian Shrooms to obtain this recipe.
  • Salt Grilled Meat: Restores 5 Hearts for Link. Simply cook together Raw Meat with Rock Salt to obtain the recipe.
  • Energizing Seafood Skewer: Restores 5 Hearts and about 45% of your Stamina Wheel. Cook together Wildberries with Bright Eyed Crab to obtain this recipe.
  • Spicy Mushroom Tomato Stew: Restores 9 Hearts and imbues 4 minutes and 30 seconds of Cold Resistance to Link. Hylian Tomatoes and Spicy Peppers are cooked together to obtain this recipe.
  • Sneaky Tomato Seafood Soup: Restores 10 Hearts and increases your stealth for 4 minutes. Cook together Sneaky River Snail and Hylian Tomatoes to obtain the recipe.
  • Warding Meat Skewer: Restores 4 Hearts and provides Link with a 3 minute and 30 second long Gloom Resistance. Dark Clump and Raw Bird Drumsticks are part of this recipe.
  • Electro Steamed Mushrooms: Restores 3 Hearts and adds an additional 3 minutes of Shock Resistance. Cook together Hyrule Herbs with Zapshrooms to obtain the recipe.
  • Stormy Simmered Fruit: Restores 2 and a half hearts, imbuing Link with 5 minutes of Stormy Weather Attack. This dish is prepared by cooking together Shock Fruits.
  • Hasty Fried Wild Greens: Restores four Hearts and provides a 2 minute speed boost. Cook together Hyrule Herbs and Swift Violet to obtain the recipe.
  • Tough Tomato Mushroom Stew: Restores 8 Hearts in addition to providing a 3 minute and 10 second Defense bonus. Cook together Hylian Tomatoes and Ironshrooms to obtain the recipe.
  • Spicy Simmered Fruit: Restores 5 Hearts and provides 10 and a half minutes of Cold Resistance. Cook together fruits with Spicy Pepper to obtain this recipe.
  • Spicy Elixir: Provides a 7 minute and 10 second Cold Resistance bonus. Cook together Keese Wings with Warm Darners to obtain the recipe.
  • Sneaky Elixir: Boosts your stealth for 6 minutes and 40 seconds when consumed. Keese Wings, Sunset Fireflies, and Aerocuda Wings are required for this recipe.
  • Sneaky Mushroom Skewer: Restores 5 hearts and increases your stealth for up to 10 minutes. Cook together 5 Silent Shrooms to obtain the recipe.
  • Baked Apple: Restores one Heart. Created by cooking an Apple over a fire.
  • Chilly Elixir: Provides Heat Resistance. Cook together any monster part with a Blue Butterfly to obtain this recipe.
  • Dark Rice Ball: Provides Gloom Resistance. Cook together Rice and Dark Clump to obtain this dish.
  • Electro Elixir: Provides Electrical Resistance. Created by cooking together any monster part with a Green Butterfly.
  • Enduring Elixir: Restores stamina. Cook together a Hot-Footed Frog and any monster part.
  • Fireproof Elixir: Imbues Link with Fire resistance. Created by cooking together any monster part with a Fireproof Lizard.
  • Hasty Elixir: Increases Link’s traversal speed. Cook together a monster part with Hearty Lizard.
  • Hearty Lizard: Restores your Hearts completely and adds an additional set of temporary Hearts. Cook together a Hearty Lizard with any monster part to obtain this recipe.
  • Pepper Seafood: Provides Cold resistance. Cook together Spicy Pepper and Seafood to obtain this recipe.
  • Meat Skewer: Restores Hearts. Cook together some Meat and any fruit of choice.
  • Fish Skewer: Restores 2 Hearts. Cook together Ancient Arowana under an open fire to obtain this recipe.
  • Hasty Mushroom Skewer: Restores one Heart and provides a speed buff to Link. Cook together Rushrooms to obtain this recipe.
  • Meat and Mushroom Skewer: Restores Hearts. Additional effects may be conferred by adding in food with unique buffs. Cook together Meat with any number of mushrooms to obtain the recipe.
  • Salt Grilled Mushroom: Restores 2 hearts. The dish consists of Rock Salt and any quantity of mushrooms.
  • Crab Stir-Fry: Restores 2 Hearts and some of your Stamina Wheel. Cook together a crab with Goron Spice to obtain the recipe.
  • Fragrant Mushroom Saute: Restores Hearts with varied effects depending on the mushrooms used. The recipe consists of Goron Spice with any number of mushrooms.
  • Omelet: Restores Hearts. Cook a Bird Egg to obtain this dish.
  • Mushroom Omelet: Restores Hearts. Cook together Goat Butter, Bird Eggs, Rock Salt and any quantity of veggies or herbs to get this recipe.
  • Vegetable Curry: Restores Hearts. Cook together Goron Spice, Hylian Rice and either Pumpkins or Carrots to obtain the recipe. Using Pumpkins will boost your defense while Carrots will restore part of your Stamina Wheel.
  • Rice Balls: Restores Health. Cook together Hylian Rice to obtain the recipe.
  • Veggie Rice Balls: Restores Hearts, with additional benefits depending upon the ingredients used. Cook together Hylian Rice with any flower, herb or vegetable to obtain this recipe.
  • Seafood Skewer: Restore Hearts. Cook any Crab or Snail to obtain this dish.
  • Seafood Rice Balls: Restores Hearts. Also provides additional buffs depending on the type of ingredients used. Cook together Hylian Rice and fish to obtain this recipe.


The Legend of Zelda Tears of The Kingdom was released on May 12th, 2023, exclusively for the Nintendo Switch.

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