April 21, 2024

10+ Anti-Inflammatory Snacks for Diabetes

Whip up a snack you’ll feel good about by following one of these recipes. With anti-inflammatory ingredients like avocado, berries, nut butters and eggs, these snack ideas can help reduce chronic inflammation and its pesky symptoms. This includes joint stiffness, mental fog and high blood pressure, to name a few. They’re also packed with complex carbs like grains and veggies alongside sodium-conscious ingredients and low counts of saturated fat, meaning they’re well-suited for a diabetes-friendly eating pattern. Recipes like our Peanut Butter Stuffed Energy Balls and Super-Seed Snack Bars are satisfying choices to enjoy in between meals.

Peanut Butter Stuffed Energy Balls

Photographer: Morgan Hunt Glaze, Food Stylist: Melissa Gray, Prop Stylist: Joshua Hoggle

Peanuts do double duty in this easy snack recipe: peanut butter makes a creamy center while chopped roasted peanuts add a welcome crunch to the exterior. We prefer to use natural peanut butter, which is a little oilier and looser, to help create the gooey center. Dates add a natural sweetness to this healthy snack. Use any leftover date mixture to patch any holes in the energy balls. Pack these bites in your lunchbox for a tasty morning or afternoon snack.

Avocado Hummus

This vibrant green hummus recipe couldn’t be easier—just toss a few ingredients in the food processor and whir away! Aquafaba (the liquid from a can of chickpeas) and avocado make this healthy dip extra smooth and creamy. Serve with veggie chips, pita chips or crudités.

Greek Salad Skewers

Turn classic Greek salad into finger food appetizers on a stick. The cute presentation is also super easy to prepare and makes for easy eating at a cocktail party or on game day. Just skewer tomatoes, cucumber, onion, feta and olives and serve with a side of Greek salad dressing for dipping!

Super-Seed Snack Bars

Thanks to a mix of pumpkin, sunflower, hemp and chia seeds, these healthy snack bars are packed with protein, fiber, minerals and healthy fats. Because these bars pack well, they’re great for taking along on all-day adventures.

Peanut Butter-Oat Energy Balls

Sweet, sticky dates act as the glue for these no-bake energy balls. Perfect for hikes or during sports, this healthy snack travels well. For the best flavor and texture, use Medjool dates–the largest and most luscious date variety. Look for them in the produce department or near other dried fruits.

Medium-Boiled Eggs

Medium-boiled eggs have a jammy texture that’s delicious on toast, salads and so much more.

Greek Yogurt with Strawberries

Protein-rich Greek yogurt and sweet strawberries make for a super-simple and satisfying snack.

Crunchy Roasted Chickpeas

Diana Chistruga

Try this satisfying snack instead of nuts. The tasty legumes are lower in calories and packed with fiber.

Tuna Salad Crackers

A fun twist on a tuna salad sandwich. This Tuna Salad & Crackers recipe uses wheat crackers instead of bread!

Pineapple-Grapefruit Detox Smoothie

Pineapple, grapefruit and spinach are packed with water and minerals, which can help hydrate you and supply your body with a bounty of fiber too. Electrolyte-rich coconut water is a refreshing dairy-free substitute for yogurt or milk. If you have time, freeze the coconut water into cubes for an extra-frosty smoothie.

Cherry-Cocoa-Pistachio Energy Balls

Minced dried cherries and pistachios make these energy balls a salty-sweet snack to satisfy all your cravings. Almond butter and cocoa add substance and chocolaty appeal. Serve any time of day as a snack or dessert, or pack them for a hike.

Garlic Hummus

This garlic hummus recipe couldn’t be easier—just toss a few ingredients in the food processor and whir away!

Easy Black Bean Dip

This creamy bean dip is great for a party or picnic. Smoked paprika and ground chipotles add a robust, earthy flavor, but you can also use regular paprika and cayenne if you don’t have the other spices on hand.

Mango Raspberry Smoothie

Ali Redmond

A squeeze of lemon juice adds bright flavor to this frozen fruit smoothie. Mango provides plenty of sweetness without having to add juice, but if it’s too tart for you, a touch of agave will do the trick.

Savory Date & Pistachio Bites

A touch of sweetness from the dates and raisins paired with crunch and nuttiness from the pistachios make these bites perfect for an on-the-go snack or as an accompaniment on a cheese board.